THV system


This is still a beta project but just download it and try on demo.

This system uses MA candles instead of the original HA candles.

I did that because I'm a candlestick fan and didn't want to miss the real candle shadows.

Here the rules:

Entry:            PA (price action) and yellow MA line crosses the big hull line and candle in color of direction,

                     We only enter short under the cloud and vice versa.

Exit:              Candle changes color, PA passes the cloud or the yellow line, whatever occurs first

Indicators:    The green and red worms are RSI and show overbought and oversold areas and it is a sign that the PA could change soon a bit.

                    The divergence indicator tell us when we could expect a trend reversal or retrace, it shows an arrow and a popup.

Other reasons to take profit can be:

                    Touch of a trend line, resistance or support line, horizontal psych level (00 - 20 - 50 - -80) or a black cat that cross your screen

Stop Loss:   please set your stop loss according to your money management plan


I will fine this rules with the time, don't forget that it is a brand-new system and needs to get proved well under all market conditions,


 this are the only rules for the moment, anything else depends on your basic knowledge on FX and your feelings.

Please do not contact Turhovach on any questions on this system, he has his own rules, thank you


Download TPL

Note: I got an email from Freddie telling me that the information boxes are not where they are shown on the chart, do this:

If the boxes are not where they should be:

Click right on the chart, indicators list, click the FerruFX indicator and change the X and Y values for each box until you get them where you want.

Sorry, those setups depend on the screen resolution of your PC



Here is the 1M scalp template

The indicators are the same, you only need to paste the TPL in the templates folder

The settings are completely different.

This is a real killer but please use this system only in DEMO until you get sure on it.

I didn't receive any email regarding to entry or exit points, that means for me that everything is understandable and clear.

I will come up with some improvements on Thursday 13th of  November 2008


How to install:

Step By Step :

  1. Download/Copy/Save the MQ4/EX4 files into your C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators folder
  2. copy and paste your template file .tlp in C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\templates folder.
  3. Close your MetaTrader application (assuming it’s currently open … Ignore this if the application hasn’t been launched)
  4. Launch your MetaTrader application
  5. Open a new chart and right click on it, select the template you have loaded.


Don't forget what I said on the MM (money management) page.

Also don't forget the pivot and psycho lines, if you don't know about it visit the website of acumen.

The folder has also a colored RSI indicator pasted on top of the OsMA indicator that shows oversold or overbought areas Red and green snakes), watch out for them!!!


New Setup

I was working this weekend on the scalper version and could bring it more closed to the Turhovach setup, here a screenshot, I will release it during this week. It has some interesting new improvements.



scalping ain't easy