Hi this is Cobra.

Let me tell you something about my live

I was born in 1958 in Lübeck, Germany, during studying mechanics I opened my first car garage in 1977, it took me 6 years hard work to have at the end three of them. Then in 89 the German wall broke and I dedicated my time more in buying and selling car lots. After short time there haven't been any more used cars on good prices and I went to get them in USA, the Fort Lauterdale car auction. It was a good deal until 92 and I stopped it, that was the time that took me to Ecuador (I was always traveling the South American countries, BTW I love Brazil as well) , I found out that this is a real paradise and sold all my stuff in Germany and USA to settle down here.

Today I got a little lazy and don't travel that much as before and dedicated myself to something absolutely new, I own a small hotel with my wife ( we built that by ourselves) that is working mostly on the weekends and Mr. Cobra is  in charge on that business.

I produce Noni juice with my own plantation and fabrication, beside of that I grow wood and some other agriculture products.

I have good computer skills and love to make websites and grafics.


What brought me in 2006 to the FX business?

I was reading a lot about foreign exchange and found out that this is what I like, buying and selling with risk and high reward, something that I practice all my live, but here comes something additional in game.

Once that I got firm on FX I was able to do it everywhere, I'm 50 years old, typing these lines, and as we know, as older we get as lazier and comfort we get.

Actually I manage a 20 k FX business (I will stock that up soon) from my office, I didn't need to invest other than my working capital and an additional 1000 bucks for educational videos and books, I don't need any employees, and my income is tax-free here. Getting older I might get ill sometimes and need to be in recovery, I will be able to do my stuff even in bed with a laptop if necessary.

I have never received a call from Mr. Margin, well, I filled my accounts early enough. Smiley

My trading style is scalping the 1 and 5 minute timeframe mostly on the EUR/USD pair with the THV system

I practiced on Demo 1 year until I found out what works for me then I turned over to live, some losses the first month and since than with gains (Aug 08 flat).

I studied and practiced during that year almost 16 to 18 hours a day !!!

Was nice to meet you here,  trade well and secure, don't forget never the importance of MM



scalping ain't easy