MT4 indicators and other useful tools:



Session indicators

It is very useful to know when a session open and close, this are times where it can be violate due to panic trades or profit taken

Here are two indicators, one is made by Quantem a member in FF

The link is HERE


and the other is an online web based indicator made By a friend of Bemac, his name is Paul.

The link is HERE


Here the one Zen Leow code on my request, many thanks for his unconditional help:




News indicators

(I don't use most of them due to my poor bandwidth but you may want to)

Now the news problem, we know very good that a news event can damage our scalp trade but we want to avoid that.

Best is not to trade 15 min before and after news events, there are 2 indicators that  will show us in the cart when there are events.


1rst one is made by Hanover, a very good trader in FF the link is HERE


Or the one made by IN10TION, that one needs a good bandwidth on your internet connection, the link is HERE, the first post shows where to download it.

Chart from IN10TION


here the one we use in the THV V3 template:




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